Fleet Management

Manage your Fleet anytime anywhere

Real time Location
Locate your cars in real time on the map via Web, iPhone, SMS, with details on vehicles status, speed, address etc.
User Friendly
Create your own accounts into the system. Preventing theft by disabling/enabling vehicle engine starter… on ATK™ Web.
Traffic Information
Check traffic condition in real time and view vehicle position with real satellite images.
Points of Interests
Manage your points of interests on the map as home locations, customer, warehouses...
Advanced reporting
Complete set of printable reports. Detailed analysis of the entire fleet. Detailed reports by day and by vehicles. Reports of mileage and driving times, enriched with detailed addresses of every start/stop point. Reports of load/unload time and duration or job duration at your customer's site. Reports of road coverage and road-by-road detailed tracks.
Various customizable alerts, ATK WEB provides some of the most powerful alerting capabilities in the industry to highlight that actionable data. SOS calling function, SMS text message tracking,Security Dispatching 24/24h 7/7d services can be purchased and programmed to your Help button as well.
ATK™ data is transmitted over the AT&T Wireless network which enables ATK™ to deliver a truly European service. AT&T's 3G network operates on GSM™, the worldwide standard for wide-area wireless communication. This network utilizing SIM cards and encryption features to keep data transmissions safe. The AT&T Wireless network allows our customers to access ATK™ Web whenever and wherever they need them.
Camera capture
Camera for image capture
Message View
  • Send messages by driver or fleet.
  • Request a read receipt.
  • Ask a yes/no question.
  • Get delivery notifications in real-time.
  • Filter inbox by driver.
  • Outbox filtered by driver, message type and message status.
  • View mail from prior days.
  • Closed message system keeps drivers from messaging or communicating with friends, ...
Visualize and report on important or prohibited locations with custom markers. Easily maintain your mapped areas of interest with bulk import or export of markers and categories.