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Vehicle Location
  • Simple & Efficient
  • Real-time tracking
  • Reporting
  • Points of Interest
  • Zone Alerts
  • SMS & Email Notifications
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Fleet Management
  • Professional Track & Trace
  • Driver Identification
  • Route planning & optimization
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • GPRS LCD Messaging
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Personal Location
  • SOS Assistance
  • Allows speed dialing of 2 numbers
  • Real-time dynamic reporting
  • G Sensor shock alert
  • GeoFence
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For more information about the products we offer, check out our suite of products for GPS fleet tracking,
as well as our asset tracking capabilities.


Safety and Security

Protect Your Drivers, Vehicles, and Assets with ATK ®

ATK ®  safety management tools provide not only fleet security and safety, but also peace of mind for your drivers, especially those who go on remote service calls at all hours. Get diagnostic alerts of vehicle problems, such as a multi-cylinder misfire, that could cause a breakdown on the road.

Get immediate notification from vehicle manufacturer safety services online. Pinpoint and track fleet vehicle location information at any time. Exonerate drivers who were not speeding at the time of an accident. Improve driver safety by monitoring speeds, reducing risky driving behavior and accidents, and reducing the overall miles driven with fleet safety management tools.